Important Server Maintenance!

Propulsionz Admin posted 20 hours ago
The server is currently going under some much needed maintenance, it will be down for at least another 24 hours from this post.

Sorry about any inconveniences but this needed to be done. :(
littledjjoker I really want to play this is the only sever that i like to play
Xemnas_The_Demon How long is left my life has no meaning with out the server xD
FlufieMonkey so can we still vote or will it not count

Top Voters

Propulsionz Admin posted Jun 30, 14
Top Voters
1. CENA5454 - 155 - $50 Buycraft Voucher
2. OverDueRamen - 151 - $50 Buycraft Voucher
3. DeathSolider1st - 149 - $50 Buycraft Voucher
4. Perkulator_Time - 141 - $50 Buycraft Voucher
5. Jswee1 - 137 - $50 Buycraft Voucher
6. Jcman2000 - 133 - $25 Buycraft Voucher
7. jamiethespy - 132 - $25 Buycraft Voucher
8. charlieee12345 - 122 - $25 Buycraft Voucher
9. eddie_blake - 120 - $25 Buycraft Voucher
10. DiamondGeeezer - 116 - $25 Buycraft Voucher

All vouchers will be sent through /mail at 12pm GMT.

Votes will be resetting at 12am GMT, approximately an hour from the time of this post.

~Vouchers have been mailed and votes have been reset! Get to voting for your chance at awesome rewards! :)
Remember that the vouchers are a one-time use only! If you have any leftover voucher money contact me please.
RazerAssassin How can i know how many vote i have guys???!!!!! help me cuz i vote everyday
Jswee1 o Thanks so much I love gangster I got it for 14$ love it
DeathSolider1st Um, I had $14 dollars left in my Voucher, so Propulsions, now what should I do? Can u let me know? Thanks

DDoS Issues

Reminant Owner posted Jun 24, 14

As some of you have already noticed, the server has been having major lag issues and crashes. This is because our DDoS protection has been getting hit with very powerful attacks, its not only causing a problem for our server, but many other servers out there. Hopefully this will be resolved soon, until then please bare with it.

- Rem
Bazinga_9000 I blame ferode
TheSwanHD Reminant, was it your host getting hit by the DDoS attacks? Or was it the server. I know you probably are wondering why ...
DeathSolider1st , yeah, I think so ...

April's Top Voter

Reminant Owner posted Apr 30, 14
Votes have been reset on all the voting websites.

This months Top Voter was mattubeast! Congratulations. He has received the following rewards:
 [TopVoter] Suffix in-game for 15 Days
 3 Master Keys (mattubeast was already godfather so no rankup.)
 1 Billion In-game money

This time in may we're hoping to have 3 Top Voters instead of just 1. There will be more rewards for these Top Voters so get voting!

sunlitgrunt123 thats weird i think i was close :/
DeathSolider1st Ryan do /votetop and congrats Matt! Nice voting bro!
Ryanthekoolkid How Do We See How Many Votes We Got #ServerAt20


Reminant Owner posted Apr 24, 14

We would like to firstly thank everyone who has applied and spent time in their application, however only a selective few people make make it to Round 2 of the Helper Applications. After reading through 100+ applications, the staff team have decided to take the following people to Round 2. If you are in this list, you will be contacted via skype
  • Excadrill11
  • troghead
  • Icecreamwizard
  • somarw
  • TheKillerV6
  • DudeOfGuy55
  • Proforno
Ryanthekoolkid I Would Also Like To Apply Next Round Thx And GG To The Peopl ...
Jaymac720 i want to apply to help make the server even more fun
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